You will see a confirmation page that says “Zap! Your claim has been received successfully!” along with your form details and unique Claim Identification Number once you complete the process. The Claim Identification Number will be required should you wish to edit your claim prior to the close of the claim period.

Other important notes:

  • We recommend printing or saving this page for your records. This is proof that your claim has been successfully submitted. You do not need to do anything else.
  • Our system sends a claim confirmation message to the email address entered within your claim. Please note that some email systems may place this message into your spam folder. Please make certain to accept all emails from the domain as we will be in touch after the claim submission process closes with important information about how to receive your claim payment.
  • If you do not receive a claim confirmation email, you may (as a precaution) attempt to re-file your claim on our website. However, our system will only allow one claim per email address;  if you receive notice that a claim already exists under your email address, then your original submission was successful.